About us

About-UsHave you ever thought about writing a book, but that was as far as you ever got with it? Maybe you have an awesome life story to tell but don’t have the time or desire to sit down and write (or type) it out. Or perhaps you’ve already written a fantastic novel but aren’t really sure which steps to take next. Well Think Into Existence Ink (T.I.E. Ink) is designed to help you get started. We are a one-stop shop for all of your writing and/or publishing needs.

Have you already sent your manuscript to one of those big publishing companies and gotten rejected? You can spend months and years submitting your manuscript to those companies without the guarantee of acceptance. Or you can get the ball rolling yourself, with our help, and have your voice heard and words read by the public now! We are a company that offers ghostwriting, co-writing, editing, publishing, and distribution services.

Our mission at T.I.E. Ink is to help you turn your idea into a finished product without breaking your pockets. Investing in yourself is a big commitment. Other vanity publishing companies can take advantage of that by charging you sky high prices to publish your book with no assurance of quality work. T.I.E. Ink gives you the personalized attention your manuscript deserves and the quality your readers will want to see. If you can think it, together we can bring it into existence.