God Bless the Church Folk

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Mother-daughter duo, Vivian and Cinnamon Mackey, think they’ve found the perfect contrast to their previous lives in New York when they move to the close-knit community of Gracious Meadows. As a young, sultry, single mother determined to escape her sketchy past and start anew, Vivian is happy when she finds a safe haven in Greater Saints First Baptist Church. Struggling with the sudden transition, Cinnamon secretly finds comfort in the arms of Raheem, a teen boy with a soiled name who has been shunned from the church. Though, no one will tell Cinnamon why.

Between a boisterous, and often inappropriate, Reverend and the meek and mild-mannered First Lady, Vivian is convinced she has found the perfect balance in the church’s leaders. However, when teen girls of Gracious Meadows begin to disappear, it sheds a new light on the Greater Saints First Baptist Church, its members and the secrets they hold. From a lighthearted youth pastor, to an envious furniture storeowner, a tight click of churchwomen, a group of anxious teens and a devout congregation, no one can be fully trusted. A serial killer is preying on the small town, bodies begin to surface, and the police are left chasing their tails. Only an act of God can make the town of Gracious Meadows safe again, and stop a killer in his tracks.

Heroine Chronicles



Singer, songwriter, actress, model, poet; Crissy Jetson is a talented diva who wears many hats, and wears them well. Heroine Chronicles is Crissy’s first printed collection of poems. Relatable, hope-filled, inspirational, Crissy’s emotions leap out at you and refuse to be ignored. Walk a mile in her shoes as these pages take you on a journey filled with feelings of defeat, pride, love, chaos, spirituality, and more.

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The Mini Poetry Project Vol. I

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If you’re looking for poetry that is easy to understand and relate to, look no further. In this mini collection, Just Jewel expresses random emotions in an artistic and sometimes humorous form with a direct delivery. Through her poems she paints a picture of every day experiences and emotions including everything from love and lust to depression and humor.


Two Way Mirrors

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Twenty-five year old Angela Delimar seems to be living a normal, comfortable life – a double life that is. She has a secure job as an Account Manager at B.I.G. Insurance by day and tends bar at a dinky strip club by night. Her beauty is unquestionable. She’s wooed by many including her gym buddy, Officer “Rock” Johnson and club patron Gordon Hopkins. However, her convict boyfriend, Cal, is the man of her dreams and capturer of her heart. They would do anything for each other, and they do – even at the risk of their freedom. She even has two sets of friends: the club crew and May and Cherlise, her close and oldest friends.

But when Angela begins to get stalked, witnesses a murder, and her mother dies her two worlds come colliding together. The sequence of events that follow reveals that no one in her life is who they seem to be. When danger comes knocking on her door from all directions, will becoming too close with the club crew cost her everything and will Cal’s devotion go too far?