Handling Criticism

As a new author, getting use to criticism can be difficult. Some of us come into this thinking everything we write is great and we assume everyone else will think the same. We couldn’t be more wrong. I understand how difficult it can be to write something that you are proud of only to have someone else tell you how much it sucks. It hurts your feelings and can cripple your ego.

Well I’m here to tell you to toughen up! If you are serious about becoming a great author, tough skin is a necessary. Look at criticism as a good thing. At least someone is taking the time to read your work. Take a step back, check your emotions at the door, and look at the facts. Is what the critic is saying true? Do they have valid points that can help you better your work? Is it just their opinion? If so, we all have one. Let it go and keep moving. The point is don’t hide from criticism and don’t be too defensive against constructive criticism. Below are the links to a few articles I found to be helpful when learning how to deal with the critics. I hope you find them helpful too!

How to Handle Criticism – by Steve Errey

How to Deal With Criticism in Writing – by Freestyle Mind

5 Ways to Handle Criticism – by Christopher Gronlund